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Volunteer Voices – Timothy Lee, Trustee at Lewis-Manning Hospice Care

by | Nov 4, 2020 | News, Volunteers | 0 comments

Name:   Timothy Lee

Role:      Trustee

1. When and why did you start volunteering at Lewis-Manning Hospice Care?

I started volunteering at the hospice 3 years ago.  Prior to that I’d spent 12 years on the Board of Bournemouth University, the last 5 as Deputy Chair.  A friend of mine was retiring as a trustee at Lewis-Manning Hospice Care and introduced me to the charity.

My career background is as a director of Sales and Marketing, having worked all of my career in the IT industry. I was keen to bring my industry skills to the charity and make good use of them.

I am currently Chair of the Income Generation and Marketing Committee, oversee all the fundraising and retail trading activities.  I also sit on the ‘People’ sub- committee (HR) and have also been involved in the recruitment of various management roles at the hospice, including that of the new CEO 18 months ago – a role that was filled by Clare Gallie.  She impressed us all with her enthusiasm, courage, creativity and decision making.

2. What are you particularly proud of in your role as Trustee?

I am most proud of the overall transformation that has been seen at the hospice during the last 18 months, it has been extremely positive, with a new Chairman and CEO appointed. The Trustee Board has been invigorated and we have attracted lots of new talent. Despite the challenges of COVID we have seen many improvements and continue to develop and grow as an organisation. We are delivering new and relevant services, in areas that weren’t previously being covered. It’s been fantastic to be involved in so much innovation and transformation. It’s good to know that, collectively as trustees, we are making a positive difference, that gives me huge satisfaction.  I particularly enjoy supporting the hospice when I can use my skills related to my marketing background.

3. What advice would you give to anyone thinking of volunteering?  

We very much welcome new volunteers at Lewis-Manning Hospice Care.  I’d always suggest getting in touch with the team here. We have so many diverse opportunities to get involved, with a real mix of skills required – from gardening, driving, helping out in the day hospice, receptionists, art therapists, musicians to entertain day care patients, trustee positions or simply someone to phone patients to check in on them and to stay connected in these difficult times.  You’d be surprised at the wide range of opportunities. The time commitment can also be to suit the individual and can vary throughout the month.


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