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We understand that people will can have lots of questions. And of course, we are here to help you! Here are some of the more commonly asked questions and answers.


Items we can’t accept

We appreciate all donations, but we are unable to accept items which we cannot sell and would require us to pay for disposal. ​ This includes anything dirty, damaged or with missing parts.


Nightwear without the label ‘Warning, Keep Away from Fire’ or ‘Low Flammability’

Children’s clothing or fancy-dress costumes without fire safety labels, including hand-knitted clothing   

Animal furs (also applies to non-clothing items) 

Used underwear   

Branded uniforms (working uniforms with logos, excluding school uniforms)

Used Swimwear

Children’s Items  

Cot Bumpers, pram mattresses, used mattresses, children’s pillows  

Repainted Cots and drop side cots

Used breast pumps, sterilisers 

Car seats or booster seats  

Children’s garments with drawstring hoods(we can accept this clothing if the drawstring is removed)

All inflatable armbands and rings worn as floatation aids  

Furniture and Homeware  

Used pillows, duvets, and mattresses   

Cushions and cushion covers without relevant fire safety label attached to outer cover or inner filling  

Furniture that does not comply with fire retardant standards or without relevant fire safety labelling (unless pre-1950s) 

Unboxed or partially burned candles

Blinds without original packaging and safety instructions 

Used hot water bottles 

Coat hangers (excluding wooden hangers)

Cooling tower/fans


Electric blankets 

Electric showers 

Sunbeds and tanning equipment 

Fridges and freezers 

Washing machines, tumble dryers, and washer dryers 


Firearms of any kind, including airguns, ammunition (including replica guns, unless obviously toys)

Knives, daggers, stabbing or martial arts related weapons

Sharp gardening tools, axes, and scissors (except cutlery)

Swords, sword sticks, crossbows and catapults

We cannot sell dangerous items for legal and safety reasons. 

You can dispose of sharps or weapons via your local police station. 

Heating and Cooking Appliances 

Gas appliances, gas cylinders and oil-filled radiators   


Storage heaters  

Oil and gas Agas 

Sports “Exercise” & Safety Equipment 

Buoyancy aids, life jackets, inflatable dinghies, and toys  

Safety helmets, harnesses, riding hats and crash helmets   

Climbing equipment  

Fire-fighting equipment and fire extinguishers 

Software and Hardware  

Home-recorded videos, CDs, DVDs, software, or games

Videos, CDs & DVDs which aren’t legally classified by the British Board of Film Classification   

Used Drives and SD cards/ USB sticks

Used mobile phones, PCs, Laptops, or tablets   


Chemical/hazardous items such as cleaning agents, solvents, adhesives and poisons

Any form of smoking/vaping/drug paraphernalia, apparatus or accessory

Culturally insensitive items, such as ethnic caricature dolls

Pornographic or adult material and accessories  

Flammable items such as firelighters, barbeque lighting tools, spray paint, fireworks, fuel and fuelled equipment 

Prescription or general medication including vitamins

Any items made from ivory or items made from endangered species

Counterfeit (fake or imitation) products  

Plant seeds  

How do I track my order?

When your order is dispatched, we’ll send you an email confirming your tracking reference number. This reference is your unique tracking number for your order and is your first port of call to find out information such as where you order is coming from, which carrier it’s arriving with, when it was picked up, how many items it contains and its current status.

I didn't receive a tracking number
If the courier’s website isn’t showing any results for your tracking number, or you didn’t receive a tracking number at all, don’t worry, our team will have access to your parcel information and you can contact us to find the whereabouts of your order. We know shipping can be stressful – so let us do the worrying for you!

Please note – With so many of us are staying at home at the moment, we’re relying on delivery more than ever. This has put a huge amount of pressure on courier and delivery networks who are trying to keep up with demand while also ensuring their teams stay safe and healthy at work. This may mean your delivery is a tad slower than usual.

My delivery was unsuccessful, what do I do?

Don’t panic! The first thing to do is to have another look at the tracking reference number provided in your shipping confirmation email. This will be where the courier makes updates to the current status of your parcel. If it’s being returned to a depot, this often means that it will be dispatched on another delivery truck soon.

Our courier partners will usually attempt delivery on a subsequent delivery run. It may not be the very next day, and can be dependent on the local operations of the courier. But fear not, we will ensure you get your goodies safely!

My order is missing
You can’t find your order? Don’t worry, you can contact us to find the whereabouts of your order. We promise we’ll make it right.

If more than ten business days have passed since you placed your order and the delivery still hasn’t arrived, please contact us so we can investigate it for you. If we can’t track your order down, we’ll send you a free replacement right away.

It’s super helpful to include this information when you contact us, so we can confirm a few things immediately:

  • Your order number
  • Your full shipping address, including your flat/house/unit number
  • Any special instructions that would help the courier find your address
Damaged orders
We’re never happy about it, but it does happen from time to time. Obviously, we will replace any damaged items right away. Any photos you can provide will help us work out what’s gone wrong, and improve the way we do things to avoid similar problems in future. Send us an email to customerservice@lewis-manning.org.uk and include your order number, so our team can get back to you asap!
Where do you deliver and how long does it take?
We ship to everywhere in the UK and use Royal Mail services to deliver to your door! It takes about 2-10 business days for your order to arrive, but there are sadly a few exceptions for more remote areas.
Can't find what you're looking for?
We’d love to help! Contact us by emailing customerservice@lewis-manning.org.uk

We hope these questions helped, so let’s get shopping!

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