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Would you like to fundraise for Lewis-Manning Hospice Care?

As we receive less than 20% of our funding from the government, we rely heavily on the support of our incredible people like you to help fund our hospice and make it the incredible place it is. Here are some ways to raise some money and put the FUN into fundraising!


Auction – Host or attend a charity auction

Afternoon Tea – The perfect excuse for a cream tea and a family get-together

Abseil – Take your fundraising to new heights and brave an abseil

Bingo – Invite your friends round for a classic game of bingo

Bake Sale – Because, who doesn’t love cake? 

Break a habit – Is there something you’ve been trying to give up for a while?

Craft sale – For those who love to make, paint or create

Concert – Why not hold a concert and share your musical talents with your community?

Climb a mountain – Head into the wild and climb a mountain for charity


Dance – Get your dancing shoes on and dance for charity

Dog walk – Set up a Facebook event or invite your colleagues along for a charity dog walk

Dress up (or down) day – Ask everyone to come to work or school in wacky outfits or dress-down and wear your pjs

Ebay / Etsy – Why not sell your preloved items or handmade creations online?

Eating contest – you know the drill!

Fashion show – For those talented tailors looking to show off your creations

Football match – Invite your peers along for a friendly charity kick-about


Gameathon – we all know that one person that lives on their gaming console

Golf tournament- Take part in a tee-rific golf tournament and score a hole in one for your local charity

Guess how many – a classic favourite, fill a jar with sweets and ask everyone to guess how many are in the jar for a small donation

Great Dorset Tea Party – Channel your inner Mary Berry and host a tea party for your loved ones

Hike – Escape to nature and challenge yourself to a hike across the coastline, countryside or up a mountain

Hair cut- Why not shave your statement beard or chop your long locks to raise some much needed funds for charity?

Half marathon – Sign-up for a half marathon and ask people to sponsor your selfless sprint!

Ice bucket challenge –  Simply throw a bucket of ice water over yourself (or ask a willing volunteer to do it for you)


Jumble sale – Sell your old bric-a-brac, clothes, toys and donate the proceeds to charity

Jazz evening – Get your colleagues and friends together for a relaxing jazz evening

Knitting – Are you or any of your loved ones a talented knitter?

Kayaking – Take to the sea for a sponsored kayak or canoe adventure

Karaoke party- Everyone will love this. All you need to do is bring the tunes

Loose change – It’s as simple at that! Ask your school, office, friends and family to donate any loose change

Lottery – Get involved with your local charity lottery to help your local community and be in with the chance to win big bucks


Movie Marathon- Popcorn at the ready. Why not ask people to sponsor you to do a movie marathon?

Murder Mystery Night- A classic! Ask people to donate and be apart of a fantastic murder mystery night

Non-uniform day- a firm favourite with schools and in the office.

Name the bear- ask people to guess the name of a bear for a small donation (or any animal)

Obstacle Course- fun for all ages. Set up or rent an obstacle course

Office fundraising- Get your colleagues involved for some FUNdraising in the office

Olympic challenge – Think you can beat Mo Farah’s 21,330km in an hour?


Party- Because who doesn’t love a boogie?

Personal challenge- Is there something you’ve been dreaming about achieving for a while now?

Poker night- One for the grown-ups to enjoy

Quiz- Get everyone together or host a fun virtual quiz night

Raffle- Ask people to donate items and hold a raffle at work or at school

Race- Get your running shoes on and race to the finish line, or hold a family-fun duck race in your town

Rowing- Are you a keen rower? We challenge you to a sponsored row!


Sponsored silence- Think you can stay silent for a full day?

Street Party- Invite your friends, family and neighbours for a super street party

Skydive- Take on this hair-raising challenge and see the world from a birds-eve view

Swim- Make a splash for charity

Sweepstake- A great way to collect loose change and have fun

Three peaks challenge- The perfect challenge for adventure seekers

Talent Show- Do you have a secret talent you want to show off?

Unplug from technology- Take a step back from technology for the day

University challenge- Get your social society, people in your seminars or friends from your halls to take part in a charity challenge.


Volleyball competition- Head to the volleyball court or the beach for a friendly competition

Village fete- A great way to get the local community together

Wing walk- One for the adrenaline junkies

Wedding donation- Planning to tie the knot? Why not ask guests to donate to charity instead of buying gifts?

Wax it off- You get the idea, ask someone to help you wax it off for charity

X Factor Karaoke Party- Channel your inner James Arthur or get the girls together and perform your favourite Little Mix songs

Yoga- Hold a rejuvenating yoga session and ask people to donate to join in

Zero-waste challenge- Raise money for charity and promote sustainability

Zip wire- Take part in a thrilling fundraising activity and fly through the skies on a zipwire

Zumbathon- Get your cousin, sister, nan and bestie together for a Zumbathon

If you would like to get involved and FUN-draise for Lewis-Manning Hospice Care, our Fundraising Team would love to here from you.

Please get in touch by calling 01202 708470 or email, fundraisingteam@lewis-manning.org.uk and we will be there to support you throughout your fundraising!


Take a look at our upcoming challenges and events!

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