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Lewis-Manning patient receives letter from King Charles III office for services in WW2

by | Jan 11, 2023 | Clinical, News | 0 comments

A Lewis-Manning Hospice Care patient has received a wonderful letter from King Charles III’s office recognising his amazing achievements and contributions to the success of WW2. Gordon Forsey was an engineer modifying parts of guns and tanks which helped to defeat German tanks. He used to work 17-hour days and was very dedicated.

Gordon was presented the letter by Lewis-Manning’s Volunteer driver, John Reid, who came dressed for the occasion in his RAF uniform and said a few words about Gordon, his life and his wonderful accomplishments to all staff and patients present, as well as Gordon’s son.

The occasion was very moving and John said, “I’m thrilled and honoured to have presented Gordon with his framed letter, I knew it would mean a lot to him. I have been Gordon’s driver to and from the hospice for a while now and had the pleasure of hearing the incredible stories he has to tell. They’re absolutely fascinating! It was great to see he’s finally received some recognition for his extensive work during WW2, he really is a wonderful man.”

Gordon’s son, Alan Forsey, added, “Thank you to Lewis-Manning for putting on this get together to celebrate my Dad. It was wonderful to see him receive his framed letter and enjoy tea and cakes with him and the rest of the day hospice patients. I know Lewis-Manning and its wonderful nurses mean a lot to him and this just made it even more special. So, thank you again.


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