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Actress Emilia Fox shows support for ‘Time to Remember’ campaign and urges others to get involved

by | Nov 6, 2020 | Fundraising, Donate, News | 0 comments


Actress Emilia Fox shows support for Lewis-Manning Hospice Care’s ‘Time to Remember’ campaign and urges others to get involved.

Actress and presenter Emilia Fox has shown her support for Lewis-Manning Hospice Care’s ‘Time 2to Remember’ campaign by paying tribute to her wonderful and fun great aunts and is urging others to get involved and use the opportunity to celebrate and remember loved ones, which is needed now more than ever.

The actress who is famous for her numerous television roles has starred in the television dramas such as  Pride and Prejudice, Silent Witness, Merlin and The Virgin Queen, as well as her roles in films such as The Pianist, Keeping Mum, Dorian Gray and Ways to Live Forever and recently appearing with her cousin on Channel 4’s Gogglebox. 

Emilia said, “The Time to Remember campaign which Lewis-Manning Hospice Care are running is a fantastic initiative and I would love everyone to consider supporting this local Dorset charity. 

“Time to Remember is a brilliant way to nominate, celebrate and thank the extraordinary people in our lives, whilst at the same time helping to raise funds for the family bereavement services provided by Lewis-Manning Hospice Care. I shall be joining in and making a memory for my great aunts Pam and Mary, wonderful women who were so much fun and are much missed by the family.”

Lewis-Manning Hospice Care CEO Clare Gallie added, “We are thrilled to have Emilia’s support on this excellent initiative and it’s lovely to see who she wants to remember this winter. However, this year’s ‘Time to Remember’ is so much more than remembering. It’s about community, and making sure that people who are going through incredibly tough times get the support and care they need and deserve. Emilia’s endorsement means a lot to the charity and we hope it will encourage many others to take part.”

 To support local grieving families in East Dorset please visit the Time to Remember page here.  


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