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Lewis-Manning hospice care Strategic Plan 2020-2023

Lewis-Manning Hospice Care is the only independent hospice charity in East Dorset providing free care and support for adults and their families affected by cancer and other life-limiting illnesses from diagnosis. We offer focused interventions of care from self-management through to palliative nursing for patients with life-limiting and end-of-life care needs. This can be accessed through our day hospice services at Longfleet House, Poole and will soon be available at our new local day hospice community hubs across East Dorset.
For over 30 years Lewis-Manning Hospice Care has provided local people with the physical and emotional support to help them live well through their illness and ensure that they do not live alone with their illness alone.

Priorities 2020-2023

Following a review of our previous strategy, history and plans the following priorities have emerged as essential to our success over the next 3 years:

  • Deliver exceptional care and support.
  • Increase the number of people that we help
  • Increase awareness of Lewis-Manning Hospice Care and the services that we can provide for local people.
  • Develop a sustainable future to support the care of our patients and their families.

How will we achieve this?

1) Deliver exceptional care and support

  • Working with our people to develop our organisation’s values and culture through becoming a learning organisation.
  • Listening to our patients, understanding their stories, encouraging feedback and continually reviewing our services to act on what we can do to make life better.
  • Ensuring that we have the clinical capacity to meet increasing patient referrals into our services while maintaining the excellent quality of our nursing and clinical care.
  • Overcoming people skill shortages and developing special initiatives for recruitment and retention of clinical staff.
  • Encouraging open discussions to make it easy to learn from complaints, concerns and compliments.
  • Reviewing training and development needs and succession planning for key services and putting in place plans to ensure service continuity and excellence.
  • Engaging and supporting our existing volunteering team and encourage new volunteers to join our organisation.
  • Putting in place initiatives to engage staff and volunteers including wellbeing, communication, social initiatives and forums.
  • Working with Universities to develop plans to encourage an increase in adult nursing students that would like to experience working in our sector.

2) Increase the number of people that we help

  • Collaborating effectively with other community services and develop our Closer to Home approach for Day Hospice in local communities.
  • Review existing services and develop our Closer to Home approach for Better Breathing services to fill the gap for local communities across East Dorset and Purbeck.
  • Develop and implement our Closer to Home approach for Lymphoedema services for local communities across East Dorset..
  • Expanding our support for patients through art, physiotherapy and complimentary therapy services.
  • Developing a new patient drop-in centre at our premises.
  • Developing a new bereavement and family support service.
  • Working with our NHS partners to scope a community Hospice at Home, end of life home care support service.

3) Increase awareness of Lewis-Manning Hospice Care and the services that we can provide for local people

  • Refreshing our brand and key messages and rolling out across all channels.
  • Developing a new customer focused, mobile enabled website.
  • Develop and implement our Closer to Home approach for Lymphoedema services for local communities across East Dorset..
  • Investing in increased engagement through our social channels.
  • With the help of key donors, invest in in-print, digital, radio, 48 sheet and bus advertising.
  • Increasing awareness through PR opportunities including interviews, press releases, photographs, letters to editors, case studies.
  • Increasing support developing important partnerships with Volunteers, Ambassadors, Patrons and ‘Friends of’ groups.
  • Attending networking events and giving talks to businesses, schools, groups and associations.
  • Going out into the community and fostering relationships and partnerships with our CCG, acute trust, GPs, MDTs, specialist nursing teams, nursing homes and community teams and more.

4) Develop a sustainable future to support the care of our patients and their families

  • Increasing the net contribution from both fundraising and retail. This will be supported by a strong focus on increasing brand profile and by an ever-widening network of relationships. Lewis-Manning Hospice Care requires £1.7 million in funding each year (rising to a projected £1.9 million in the third year of the strategy).
  • Reviewing and putting in place team structures to support a sustainable future.
  • Investing in our people strategies including volunteer recruitment, recognition and support.
  • Reviewing our contracts to maximise sustainable payment opportunities from these partnerships.
  • To increase our sustainable income channels through increased regular gifts.
  • To increase the number of legacy pledges supporting our charity.
  • Continuing to manage and support our existing 4 charity shops and opening 2 new /pop up shops each year.
  • Developing online sales opportunities via local and national networks.
  • Focusing on building relationships with companies, groups, associations, Ambassadors, Patrons, ‘Friends of’ groups.
  • Reviewing and implementing improvements in our IT systems and analytics capabilities in order to address governance, security and working processes.
  • Addressing the challenges of the professional and clinical workforces by careful people and succession planning, and by providing increased support to our teams through a valued volunteer workforce.
  • Developing the skills within the Finance team to allow for more sophisticated financial analysis and data capture to assist in financial sustainability.
  • Continuing to review skills and experience at Board level and recruit Trustees to support any gaps identified.

Our Vision

    Is to provide our community with outstanding hospice care and support.

Our Values

  • Compassion
  • Creativity
  • Time
  • Informed and driven
The need for our service is growing with over 26% of our local population being aged 65 or over (compared to the national average 18%), this figure is set to rise to 35% by 2030. With the increased prevalence of life limiting illness (Cancer Research 2016) and complex health issues (Age UK 2013) an ageing local population is putting a strain on all End of Life and palliative care services causing unnecessary hospital admissions and prolonged hospital stays.

In April 2019 the difficult decision was made to close our 6 bed inpatient unit (costing £1.2 million per year) due to funding sustainability in an area where other NHS funded hospices are providing similar bedded services. Our unique day hospice and support clinics remain open for people needing end of life support and we have developed our three year strategy and plans to expand the work we do across the East Dorset and Purbeck community, delivering our exceptional hospice care where it is really needed, closer to home.
Chairman Jeremy Allin and new Chief Executive Clare Gallie have been joined by five new Trustees with a broad range of experience and knowledge. Together the new volunteer Board and staff team have taken the first step in the strategy and are relocating Lewis-Manning Hospice Care to a more central location, within easy access of transport networks and close to Poole hospital. From our new Hospice at Longfleet House, Longfleet Road, Poole we will continue to deliver our day hospice and clinics and expand our services out into the community, closer to home working alongside Community Hospitals and GP practices.
As we move forward, we will be opening even more local hospice services and work within communities to help more people at the end of their lives, closer to home. This is an exciting step for Lewis-Manning Hospice Care and shows our true commitment to the local people that we serve, support and care for.
Moving forwards our profile within the local community will be key to ensuring that the people who really need us are aware of our new services.
Registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC), 100% compliance was reported in our latest unannounced inspection and resulted in a rating of ‘Good’ across all domains.

Our service is open to adults living with a life-limiting illness who reside in Poole, the rural towns and villages of Purbeck and from across East Dorset. Last year 348 people benefitted from our hospice care.


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